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With me, the two-in-one principle applies:

Coaching as the emphasis, enhanced by human resource and organizational development services for companies and organizations.


"Resonance and development

for your success."

Aggi Heinz


Focal points


Whenever change is in the making. In this sector I have accumulated more than 10 years of fieldwork competence from an insider viewpoint and 15 years of experience as an organizational consultant involving operational change processes, leadership development and, depending on the contract, as coach or supervisor in counseling executives.

What you can expect from me is a competent, reflective consultant with inner poise and expertise. Since 2008 my professional activities have concerned themselves time and again with psychological approaches and methods in alignment with their practical application in coaching, leadership development, management diagnostics and assessment. I am equally familiar with these aspects from a corporate perspective. It’s this parallel focus that enables clients to be accompanied on a knowledgeable basis together with the sustainable designing of programs and training seminars.

An overview of my fields of work:

Organizational counseling and development 

I provide support in developing strategies on all levels. My work is committed to the process consulting approach, to openness for process development within systems in achieving what is necessary in a specific situation. What ought to emerge towards you as my client is a helpful relationship that expands your leeway for action and enables you to solve problems of a similar nature on your own in the future.


Accompanying change processes within organizations

Since 2005 I have accompanied a number of companies in terms of the overall management of a process architecture towards introducing changes, expedited further development of the communications and leadership culture in a capacity as coach and consultant, and provided support for the executives in charge during the implementation of their measures towards change.

Changes are exceptional situations in which emotions play a central role. This makes it all the more important to acquire knowledge and tools to match each change. I help to grasp the ‘psycho-logic’ inherent to changes, for instance alleged ‘oppositions’ to change, to enter into a dialog with staff, and to find solutions jointly – so that work can be performed productively again.

Strategy-enacting human resource development

This refers above all to leadership programs, talent management programs, 360° feedback & review processes, and mentoring programs.

I design personnel management instruments and support you in launching them. Your benefit thereby is the proficiency I have gained through years of experience in the HR sector (inter alia at international corporate groups).

Human resource development

I utilize in-depth management development know-how to map out qualification processes, comprehensively and by applying out-of-the-ordinary approaches. To me, the central factor here is to set individual potentials free via targeted, customized and practice-related development accompaniment. I develop HR concepts for you (groups of next-generation staff, trainee programs, mentor programs, etc.) from need assessment to launch.


Management development

More than ever before, in the future executives must:

  • be able to advocate and live an agile mindset and agile values in their leadership.

  • ​​have a clear-cut understanding of roles and develop role flexibility.

  • bring along a tolerance for ambiguity, because effective dilemma management is where leadership is needed most strongly

  • understand and represent corporate culture and organizational strategies

  • recognize and grasp correlations, look ‘outside the box’ of their own areas of responsibility, advocate corporate strategies convincingly and clearly explain ‘the big picture’.

  • coach and evolve staff, encourage them and make demands on them, give feedback and impulses, be a mentor.

  • set an example while developing innovative and creative solutions together with staff.


I provide support:

  • by having the person get acquainted with himself/herself, with his/her own potentials, and then developing these aspects further. Changing oneself is one of the most difficult development processes we know of. I use feedback, practical case supervision and values reflection in working with this, and support the ability to change perspectives.

  • by acquiring background knowledge regarding practicable models, for example about team development stages and interpersonal dynamics (“There is nothing so practical as a good theory!” – Kurt Lewin).

  • through developing and practicing leadership capabilities and skills, for instance in conducting talks with staff and in dealing with conflicts.

  • via a subject that is equally of key importance to me: a networking between managers within a company that is as sustainable as possible.

Team development activities for existing and new teams, conflict intervention / crisis intervention

I support teams in different phases during their development as needed:

  • during team-building

  • in the course of team development

  • in the course of team conflict clarification, and

  • sometimes my role is as team coach


In all of these variants my work is twofold: at the content level and the relationship level. Alongside this I always steer attention to the individual level as well as the organizational level. Central issues here are: How do the team members split up their work and how do they make use of routes for communication? How is the individual able to contribute his/her own resources? How does the team view itself? How does it shape its relationships?

In working with these issues I don’t act as the ‘all-knowing expert’. My mission is much more so to enable the team to develop self-reliant, problem-solving solutions from within the team.



Potential assessment and development (AC, OC/FC, audits)

I conduct management audits in a capacity as evaluation expert and accompany management feedback processes (e.g. 360° feedback & review processes).

"I use inquisitiveness, flexibility and an unbiased stance to clarify your concerns and targeted goals so that you remain future-proof.

Accompanying you is done with an element of humor, yet at the same time in all seriousness and with depth."

Aggi Heinz

Personal- und Organisationsentwicklung


Change process accompaniment, executive management development, build-up of a modern HR development, team development for a regional daily newspaper, Düsseldorf

Change process accompaniment for a magazine publisher in Hamburg

Management development on an international level for a company in the plastics industry in Emsland

Management feedback, coaching, team development for a pharma company in Oberschwaben

360° feedback workshop moderating, coaching, strategy workshops for international teams, team development for a pharma corporate group in Ludwigshafen and Kassel

Team supervision for the HR unit at an insurance company in Munich and for a social services entity in Husum

Workshops on the topic of leadership & health, management development for a hospital / health center, Schleswig-Holstein


Especially with regard to topics dealing with roles, such as role clarification, role conflicts, growing into and out of roles again. Topics such as aims in life, motives of life, crucial situations in life and decision-making all play a role here.


"Is it always greener on the other side?"


...I perform a meticulous investigation of your issue or problem.


...I ensure that the course coaching takes is in alignment with the goals agreed with you.


...I review the action I take to see whether it is effective with respect to the goals you have stipulated.


...I make use of findings from science and academics along with my own empirical knowledge while contributing a familiarity with organizations from an insider point of view, as well as my own experience in management.


...although I don’t necessarily see myself as an adviser, I will make sure that the problem-solving approaches you develop during coaching suit you. If I have expertise to offer, then I’m going to offer it to you: keeping it to myself wouldn’t be very helpful. In short: If it looks like they make sense, I don’t shy away from giving properly dosed bits of advice.


...I can map out to you why I do something and how. Transparency is important to me.


It’s the only way for a jointly shared coaching to arise that helps you and expands your repertoire.


The types of clients I prefer working with can be found anyplace where the two-in-one principle plays a role: in all situations involving change, decision-making and critical circumstances, whether in life or professionally. Where ‘it matters’, where the pressure is high ‘to do the right thing’. Why? Because in these kinds of situations it helps to weigh things wisely together with a neutral sparring partner, to cast light on all the aspects, and at times to receive clearly presented feedback.

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