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Responsive Resonance & Development

For my part, I would describe curiosity as a central driving force. I didn’t have a particular passion that centered on one subject, not even as a child. I was always far too inquisitive and too interested in so many different things. I tend to think more in terms of cross-linked/associative than linear/causal, and bring along a sense of open-mindedness and tolerance. This, in turn, means to focus my thoughts on solutions and to constantly keep the quality of a process in mind, for instance in relation to medium and long-term changes, efficacy analyses, etc.


My principle for work is called orientation to my clients’ needs:

In all of the formats I work with (coaching, training, facilitation, consulting), activities always revolve first of all around the matters of concern to my clients. But after that, I also enjoy working with brief theoretical impulses as food for thought („There is nothing so practical as a good theory!” – Kurt Lewin): as response to their concrete needs, so to speak. In doing so it is very important to me to remain flexible and equally able to spontaneously turn a good plan ‘upside down’ if the situation and the client call for it.


Most important, however, is shaping the relationship:

As core concepts, Responsive Resonance & Development are by no means a coincidence:  Feedback, also referred to as responsive resonance, always has something to do with entering into a relationship and avoiding a façade. I have my eye on the ‘human factor’ in conjunction with work and support you in being constructive with others, in making the most of your own potentials, and in developing yourself further.


The way I view coaching:

Coaching is a form of help towards self-help. It’s about solutions tailored within the stress delta comprised of job, organization and private life. In individual or team coaching you receive my help to work on the issues that concern you. What counts for me is to support you in finding and/or achieving professional and personal goals. As coach, I ask appropriate questions, demonstrate new ways to look at things, consolidate what we find and help to remain focused.


I will encourage you to solve your problems on your own – as coach I’m not able to do this work for you. My work often involves changes of perspectives. By doing so I want to support my clients in looking at their concerns and the paths for finding solutions from different points of view.


Human beings are always embedded in contexts: family, colleagues, organizations and so forth. That’s why I take a good look at your environment, too. For example, in the course of Business Coaching we can ensure that the effect of your environment and the power structures within it are taken into account in the change you intend to make.

What's the story behind Aggi Heinz?

My roots lie in Germany’s Ruhrgebiet region, the child of a working-class family (which certainly includes a bit of what used to be termed Protestant work ethic). I like quality, pragmatism (with a portion of ‘roll up your sleeves’ mindset) and clarity! That’s why I love concepts where work is performed creatively with craftsmanship.

I understand the working world via ‘psycho-logic’:


I define who I am quite strongly through the work I do and have always felt at home in the workaday world (which I readily became acquainted with early on due to vacation jobs etc.). It fascinated me what people are able to create/achieve together when the human being remains the determining factor in the working world. I wanted and still want to improve cooperation and the workflows in this area so that work is made easier, more fun, and consequently becomes more professional. Using an overarching perspective as the basis, I look at the work environment and sphere of business to see how people ‘tick’. This enables me to grasp, categorize and make use of processes involving group dynamics. I could also be described as a kind of ‘psychology instructor for managers and executives’; as psychologist I am able to explain complex interrelationships in the ‘human arena’.

After having enhanced my degree in psychology with a range of advanced training, I have acquired the necessary expertise and ability associated with this towards flexibly developing methods of intervention and evaluating own work performed. In addition to this I have accumulated years of professional experience and continue to pursue advanced instruction.​

My ‘guiding line’:

Runs in one direction as well as the other (but not any which way!). In many areas of life I view myself as a kind of 'converter between worlds’, although for quite some time I found an occupational home in the world of media. The work there enabled me to become intensely familiar with HR and organizational development from an insider point of view within the media workaday world. A whiff of the ‘pedigree’ from here lasts to this day, though I’m certainly not adamant about it, and in the meantime have been able to glean in-depth experience in a number of industries.


Analogies for ‘in one direction as well as the other’ that describe me:

  • Working-class child with academic background

  • Not introverted or extroverted: centroverted

  • Complexity and clarity

  • Depth and humor

  • Diversity/wide-ranging and goal orientation/focus/structure

  • Counterbalance and see all relevant aspects rather than divide and polarize​​

  • The team and the individual

  • Achievement (development) and coexistence (feedback)

In summary, my USP is:

As a coach, facilitator and consultant, on the one hand I offer substantiated psychological know-how and a broad spectrum of expertise. On the other, I have worked for a long time with and at companies so that I am able to connect quickly and well aware of the mindset, the work processes, and how life is lived there.

Curriculum Vitae Aggi Heinz

  • Studies in business psychology, sociology and bus. admin.

  • Head of International Personnel Dept. and head of Management Development for a corporate division at a German media group

  • Head of executive mgmt. development at a media group

  • Freelance work as consultant, trainer and coach since 2003 (in cooperation with TOPS, Team for Organization-Personnel and Strategy Development, Bonn)

  • Supervisor and coach with own private practice since 2005

  • Consultant for HR development at a German media group

  • Personnel manager and HR developer at a listed IT consulting firm

  • Visiting lecturer for HR and organizational development at a German school of higher education (university-level)

  • Active accompaniment of Change Management processes for well-known companies, since 2008 in cooperation with Hamburger Team Unternehmensberatung, a corporate consultancy

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